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July 2004

   In July 2004 Theo decided that the time had come to close the factory, and work from home on a part time basis.
   Theo would keep on digitising designs for other companies, the 4-Head Tajima m/c would go in the garage for the testing of the designs and some specialised job's.
   Therefore, the factory in Grey Lynn was closed and Theo (with 40 years plus experience) now offers the following services to the Embroidery Industry:

  1. A Worldwide Digitising Service for the Embroidery Industry.
  1.     An Embroidery Service for those Companies and people who have             special requirements, such as a Large Physical Size of the Embroidery e.g.
Horse Blanket's with Text or Logo's up to 144cm (1.44m) wide x 44cm high.
We have Some of ou
An Advisory Service to Embroidery Companies who's Management would like to make use of our Expertise and Experience to teach their staff all aspects of embroidery or digitising.
A Care Taker Management Service to Owners of Embroidery Companies who would like to take time out. Theo will take care of their Business and look after their Customers and they can be assured that there will be minimum disruption to their Business while they are away, business will run as usual and Customers will stay happy and satisfied.

We thank the many loyal Customers who have had their embroidery and digitising done by Crown during the past 40 years. In future Theo will keep on taking care of our customers to the same high standards as in the past.
Theo and Shirley Kroon

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